We take the road less travelled.

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    What we offer cannot be explained in a sentence or two. We offer companies the possibility to be magnanimous. For companies to become what they were born to be. We are IT specialists, we consist of Yodas, Spocks, Tony Stark's and Clark Kent's. We provide technical project management, outsourced solutions and system integration. We solve problems no one else understands. We are not just another firm of IT Specialists.

    We are Third Base, we are “the” IT Specialists.

Some of our clients

We dedicate this page to our clients. Without whom we wouldn’t be. We would be extinct. No longer existing or living, no longer burning or active, no longer in use. We give thanks to the dedication of our clients and their belief in them and us. What follows are some of the companies we have had the pleasure to work with.


    Tech giant and also a common swedish name albeit describing somewhat of a character. We think he is the son of a woodchopping farmer in Piteå.


    This ginormous company is widely known across the globe for great and affordable products. With its swedish heritage the company has had a cinderella story. It can be an ordeal to assemble.


    This client creates revolving blast doors without the use of keys amongst other fabulous inventions. Hey, let's use an app instead!


    Security is everything for this company. They help you keep your own business for your own business without anyone trying to get to your business.

Imagine the impossible, then do it.

Join the squad

Third Base isn’t for everybody. We don’t want consultants that jump on command or count the hours instead of the results. We are not in need of Cesar Milan, our staff is trained in bathroom etiquette. We eat, live and behave properly without rules and regulation. We want individuals that can think for themselves. Not stray dogs running around in circles barking at squirrels. So do you have what it takes? Are you the Top IT Dawg we are looking for? The next in line to be assimilated?

Well if you think you are, give us a call but don't waste our time.

Who are Third Base

We go by many definitions. IT professionals, Tech-Gurus, Brainiacs, Wunderkinder etc. We do not believe in bragging. If we did, it would most definitely result in a novel consisting of a profuse amount of adjectives. Third Base stands for quality, expertise and innovation. We are founded in the city of Malmö in Skåne the year the slogan “Yes we can” saturated the presidential election in the states. Since 2011 we at Third Base have had the privilege to deliver top notch IT services to our clients. We believe in offering our clients valuable and creative solutions. We don't see problems merely possible solutions. We are the NASA of Tech, the T in IT.

There can be only one and we are IT. Yes we can, is one of our most common answers to a clients question.

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